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Just realize something and felt the need to write it down, but anyways I just realized that the men of star trek where just as much make-up as there female counterparts. I mean I was looking at pic of Kirk and suddenly went dear GOD is he wearing eyeliner. It was really so very shocking, so of course then I had to start investigating. I quickly realized that these guys were wearing more make-up than I wore to prom. The make-up was just caked on. The amount of eyeshadow on Spock I have only ever seen once before and that was on the villains from Inuyasha, cause as we all know people who wear excessive amounts of eyeshadow are evil (unless of they are aliens b/c then they need a goatee to be evil). I can accept the amount of eyeshadow on Spock b/c he's supposed to an alien and look a little funky. But then I examine a pic of Dr. Mccoy and he too has some eyeshadow, more of a nude color, but still enough that it makes his eyebrows look like a lighter color. At this point you're probably realizing I can go on about this forever, so as to save you from the pain of continuing to listen to me I bit a fair farewell.


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Babybluerosa Dec 5, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
you're welcome!!! I really like your style. ;] and Doctor Who forever. :D
forever and ever <3
Chronii Dec 2, 2011
Love your style :)
Chronii Dec 2, 2011
You're welcome ;)
*dances for the watch* ♥
Thank you for the watch, luv!! :love:
Pleasure to 'ave ya aboard!! Welcome to the chaos!! *wicked grin*
Normal eye candy, etc... submissions and general mayhem will resume soon!!!
Sambre-sambre Dec 11, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you very much for the watch! ^-^
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